Review: Frightened Rabbit; June 23, 2008; Casbah, San Diego

Frightened Rabbit 3

Frightened Rabbit is one of the best bands out there that you can still see in a small club. They’re comprised of two brothers and two multi-instrumentalists: singer/songwriter/guitarist/whisky sipper Scott Hutchison, his brother Grant (who destroys drumsticks and provides vocal harmonies), and Billy Kennedy and Andy “Medusa” Monaghan who both alternate on keys, guitar, and bass.

Legend has it that as a kid, Scott was compared to a Frightened Rabbit for his lack of social skills, but you wouldn’t know it from this show. Hutchison’s between-song banter was often hilarious and he showed no shortage of the fabled Scottish charm; he even exuded silliness as he discussed a “plectrum” (pick) that someone had given him.

The band mostly played songs from 2008’s excellent full length The Midnight Organ Fight (you’ll almost certainly find it on our 2008 year-end list), and Scott pleased the crowd with his blend of dark lyrics and energetic accompaniment—to make what can only described as an uplifting experience, despite the dark undertones. Highlight songs were “Old Old Fashioned” and “Keep Yourself Warm,” but pretty much every song was beautifully played.

At the end of the night, Scott thanked a couple of fans who showed up wearing kilts; he said it reminded him of home and that “anything helps” after being on the road for four weeks. We can’t wait to see them again.

Frightened Rabbit will be in Phoenix tonight, and will play the states through a July 2 gig in Brooklyn. Consider them a “must see” if they come to your town. As they finish their tour through the south, hopefully there will be some air conditioning for these poor Scotsmen who prefer the cold weather and a nice downy coat.

Jun 24 2008 Phoenix, Arizona
Jun 26 2008 Austin
Jun 27 2008 New Orleans, Louisiana
Jun 28 2008 Atlanta
Jun 30 2008 Washington DC
Jul 1 2008 Cambridge, MA
Jul 2 2008 Brooklyn, NY

On a side note, we’re anxiously waiting for The Midnight Organ Fight to be released on vinyl in the states.

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