Frightened Rabbit – Sing the Greys

Frightened Rabbit - Sing the Greys
2006, Universal

Scotland-based Frightened Rabbit mix folk, punk, and pop into a wonderfully Indiemotional brew.

I am totally in love with Sing the Greys, which is ultimately one of those albums that redeems Indie rock at a much-needed time. Sing the Greys is gloriously lo-fi; it sounds just slightly better than a bedroom recording, and the singers’ voices crack endearingly when they can’t quite hit those notes.

I don’t give a fuck about these technicalities, though, and neither should you. You can listen to Yngwie Malmsteem, but I personally want music that speaks to my emotions and limitations, and Frightened Rabbit have done it this time.

Sing the Greys is a corollary to the blues, by the way, the boredom that allows no emotion. Find that to be your problem? Check out this album. If their song “The Second Incident” doesn’t grip you, then you are a robot.


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