Review: Frightened Rabbit; November 6, 2008; U31, San Diego

Frightened Rabbit - U31 - November 5, 2008

Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit played another excellent show in San Diego on November 5, less than six months from their previous date at the Casbah.

The show had a somewhat different vibe from last time, when Scott sipped expensive-looking whiskey and his brother Grant wore a shirt and tie; last night he sipped Pabst and Grant, well, he was slightly less dressed up for the occasion.

When a completely shellacked fan took the stage mid-set, guitarist/keyboardist Andy Monaghan gave her a pretty disturbing look, but she didn’t catch it. It took a bouncer to coax her down like a drunken cat stuck up a tree.

Last night’s show was in support of their raw and lovely new live release, Liver! Lung! FR!, an acoustic rendition of The Midnight Organ Fight, an album that is sure to be included in Owl&Bear’s Best of 2008 list. The crowd was decent, and there seemed to be plenty of uberfans, which may be good or bad.

Either way, it seems like some people listened to us (or someone like us), when we said “Frightened Rabbit is one of the best bands out there that you can still see in a small club.” It’s still true.

Stream: “Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms” (live)

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One thought on “Review: Frightened Rabbit; November 6, 2008; U31, San Diego”

  1. Harry is too modest to tell you this, but Frightened Rabbit actually dedicated their song “The Modern Leper” to him just before playing it, though they knew him only as “the guy that bought me a drink”. And while Harry may not be above blatantly bribing a band for their affections, he is above talking about it.

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