Weekend Concert Lineup: August 7 – 10, 2008

The Muslims
^^ The Muslims ^^


It’s the first Thursday of the month, which means it’s time for TNT, the downtown Museum of Contemporary Art’s bi-fortnightly event that features everything from DJ lessons to poetry readings to artists talking about why they do all those artistic things that they do. This month’s TNT is called Optimal Illusion and it’s got photographic and video works from actual lady artists. Kelly and Maren from Wild Weekend will also be on hand to spin some 60’s girl group and 70’s girl punk. Guys, here’s your chance to impress the fairer sex by appearing to be sensitive and cultured, as well as to practice pronouncing the word weltanschauung.


All the way from the saltiest, lakiest city in Utah, Chaz Prymek will be folking around at The Habitat along with the sometimes droning, sometimes ambient, sometimes both Stag Hare. San Diego’s own Drew Andrews will cap off the evening, providing the sweet lullabye to the other bands’ lulla-hello.

For people like me who were unable to see The Vision Of A Dying World at the oh-so-satisfying North By North Park last week, the band would like you to know that you can stop kicking yourself and start getting yourself to the Whistle Stop, where they’ll be joined by Team Abraham and some DJs at the low low price of Free.

The Viewmasters
^^ The Viewmasters ^^


For all you Soul men and women out there, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news is that The Viewmasters are playing at the Tower Bar along with The Muslims and The Sess. The bad news is that it’s their last show ever, so be sure to bring your dancing shoes and give them a proper send-off.

Cinephiles will be excited to hear that the classic film noir Touch Of Evil, starring Orson Welles – best known as evil-planet-thing Unicron from the original Transformers movie – will be playing at Cinema Under The Stars in Mission Hills at 8:30. For those unimpressed by the opportunity to watch classic films outdoors like Mother Nature intended, I’ve got five words that should convince you: Charlton Heston plays a Mexican.


By far the hardest working band in San Diego show business, The Silent Comedy will be at the Casbah playing an extended set featuring all-new material as well as tried and true favorites like those off their recent self-titled EP. San Diego’s Hotel St. George and San Francisco’s Or, The Whale will be opening.

Congratulations to The Silent Comedy, Wild Weekend, Hotel St. George, The Sess, The Vision of a Dying World, and The Muslims, who were all announced as nominees for the 18th Annual San Diego Music Awards. We would also like to congratulate the band Slightly Stoopid, who were nominated for the prestigious Worst Band Name award. They were the category’s sole nominee.

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