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Live Photos: The Old In Out and New Mexico at the Habitat, April 3, 2011

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Two loud bands got uncharacteristically quiet for a semi-acoustic show at the Habitat on Sunday.

First, New Mexico dialed it down for a set that included cuts from their Have You Met My Friend? EP and a singalong cover of The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood.” If you missed them this time around, you can make up for it on Saturday at Bar Pink, where they’ll will play this month’s edition of The Rumble.

Next, The Old In Out — appearing as their mellow alter ego Let’s Make Out — delivered a smoking set of psychedelic goodness that crescendoed into an intense, not-so-quiet finale.

Sunday’s show came just days after the Habitat held an opening for local artist Eric Wixon, whose paintings provided the bands with a surreal and fascinating backdrop. Check out the photos below…

Poetic Memory: Erika Davies (List)

If you’ve never heard Erika Davies, then you’ve never heard Shakespeare the way it’s meant to be sung. Her jazzy melodies scoop and flutter above delicately strummed ukulele in irresistible and intoxicating fashion. Serving up a cocktail of jazz standards and charming originals, Davies delivers an enchanting performance, anchored by gorgeous vocals and Amelie-esque charm.

Says Davies:

Before I sat to write this, I tried to recall my first memory of music. I couldn’t. It was as if I had to try and remember what it was like, exiting my mother’s slippery womb. I can, however, remember how tiny I was when singing to my first audience. How natural it felt just opening my soul to them. And how quiet everyone was, listening.

And from then on, music, it seems, has been drawn to me.

Miss Davies is currently hard at work penning her sophomore album, tentatively titled Nothing But A Note Thing, which she plans to record in January. You can catch her in two places this Saturday: she’ll be playing an early evening set at Golden Hill DIY venue The Habitat before scooting over to Air Conditioned for this year’s North Park Music Thing (formerly known as North By North Park). We’ve got Davies’ Poetic Memory list, as well as some additional tour dates, after the jump.

Poetic Memory is a regular Owl and Bear feature in which musicians disclose their influences—whether it’s albums, songs, artists, or something random. If you’re interested in being featured here, send us an email. Continue reading

Weekend Concert Lineup: August 7 – 10, 2008

The Muslims
^^ The Muslims ^^


It’s the first Thursday of the month, which means it’s time for TNT, the downtown Museum of Contemporary Art’s bi-fortnightly event that features everything from DJ lessons to poetry readings to artists talking about why they do all those artistic things that they do. This month’s TNT is called Optimal Illusion and it’s got photographic and video works from actual lady artists. Kelly and Maren from Wild Weekend will also be on hand to spin some 60’s girl group and 70’s girl punk. Guys, here’s your chance to impress the fairer sex by appearing to be sensitive and cultured, as well as to practice pronouncing the word weltanschauung.

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