Bigfoot Discovered…to be a Hoax

Major news orgs didn’t pick up on the Edwards affair until after it had left the Enquirer building, but yesterday’s Bigfoot story (the article given the #1 spot on CNN [and top two videos], remember?) has unexpectedly proven to be a hoax.

Maybe CNN was just giving the Enquirer belated props by running the absurd story about Sasquatch—like when Grammy™s are given out for less-great followup albums after the prior was neglected (A Ghost is Born, anyone?).

According to our indecisive colleague Johnny Wright, though, “we do have some real Bigfoot news for you. It seems two men found a Sasquatch cub and kept it in their apartment. They named him Christian. When the beast became too big for their flat, they released him into the wild. Would the Bigfoot remember the men when they went to visit him in the woods?”

One thought on “Bigfoot Discovered…to be a Hoax”

  1. “less-great” followup album?

    I would have to say that it is just as monumental as YHF just in a different way. It surely deserved the Grammy, as did SBS and YHF. You can’t take away from Ghost and say it was a pitty Grammy because YHF was snubbed the year before.

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