MP3: “I be Pres-o-dent!” Can White America Rise Above Latent (and Blatant) Racism?

CNN’s Politics Blog has a sad State of the Union today:

A new study…suggests that racial prejudices could tip the balance in the coming presidential election. If there were no racial prejudice among voters, Sen. Barack Obama would receive about 6 percentage points more support…The results suggest that 40 percent of white Americans hold at least a partly negative view toward blacks. (Link)

Nevermind the blatant racists. They can’t seem to avoid showing their true feelings: just weeks ago to thunderous applause at the RNC debutante ball, the Republican vice-presidential candidate championed the words of a racist; in 2002, Sen. Minority Leader Trent Lott resigned after openly regretting Strom Thurmond’s failed Segregationist Party bid for president; Rush Limbaugh refers to Barack Obama as “halfrican-American” and writes parody songs about “Barack the magic negro.” The list goes on.

The question is, can whites in general rise above the latent suspicion and hate in November? Let’s consult this Chris Rock MP3 from 2002. Should we insert “Barack Obama” where applicable? Here’s an abridged transcript:

White people say they’re going to vote for him because it seems like the right thing to say. “Yeah, I’m going to vote for him, hehehe.” It just seems like the right thing to say. Just like you if you ask somebody if they want to be an organ donor, they always say “Yeah.” Nobody wants to be an organ donor. Nobody! Organ donation is for people with no faith at all. You know, what if they figure out a way to bring you back from the dead? Now I don’t got no eyes. Ain’t this a bitch?”

You know how I can tell Colin Powell can’t be President? Whenever he’s on the news, white people always give him the same compliments: “‘How do you feel about Colin Powell?’ ‘He speaks so well;’ ‘He’s so well spoken;’ ‘I mean he really speaks well.'”

“Speaks so well” is not a compliment, okay? “Speaks so well” is what you say to retarded people that can talk. What do you mean he speaks so well? Did he have a stroke the other day? He’s an educated man, how the fuck do you expect him to sound? What voice were you looking to come out of his mouth, “I’m’a drop me a bomb today;” “I be Pres-o-dent!” Get the fuck out of here!

Can we prove Chris Rock wrong? Please?

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