Bush To ‘Refurbish’ Legacy Before Jan. 20

These must be sad, lonely days for George W. Bush. As a lame-duck president with his lowest-ever approval ratings, his thoughts about a legacy must be grim. There’s the war in Iraq, there’s the dismal economy, and there’s nothing on TV anymore.

Plus, the release of Oliver Stone’s biopic W. this fall couldn’t have helped the president’s self-esteem. (Though, it is rumored that Bush said this of Stone’s work: “He did a heck of a job.”)

Obama has already declared dibs on closing Guantanamo Bay and (when not proving that Michelle has his balls in a jar) he reiterated his intent to dismantle Gitmo on 60 Minutes, which received its highest viewership in recent memory.

Not to be outdone, Bush’s team responded in kind. This Sunday, concurrent with Obama’s promises to unfuck America real good on 60 Minutes, MTV’s Total Request Live aired its final episode.

After the show’s demise, some recently declassified files revealed that Bush had appointed operatives at the broadcaster to bring TRL down from the inside—much like the president’s dutiful work on EPA, a United States reality show, or something like that.

Bush hopes that TRL‘s closure will pave the way to something better, perhaps a Hills spinoff. According to one anonymous administration insider, “This will be Bush’s legacy, not that Iraq and economic junk that everyone’s always bitching about. They’re going to be really surprised.”

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