The Builders and the Butchers Offer ‘Salvation’

The Builders And The Butchers
Portland-based barn burners The Builders And The Butchers are set to unveil their new album, entitled Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well, on June 30th.

The follow-up to their self-titled debut will be released through Gigantic Records, and will house eleven tracks, many of which were presumably played during the band’s red-hot Casbah performance in February. If that show was any indication, the new record will have you writhing on the floor and speaking in tongues in no time.

Judging from Salvation‘s track list, the album will contain all of the back-woodsy, apocalyptic, foot-stomping folk voodoo that you’ve come to expect from The Builders And The Butchers. The band will be complimenting the record with a full US tour, the dates for which have yet to be announced, but we’re guessing there will be a San Diego stop in there somewhere.

Track list after the jump.

Track list for Salvation is a Deep Dark Well:

Golden And Green
Devil Town
Short Way Home
Hands Like Roots
Down In This Hole
Raise Up
Vampire Lake
The Wind Has Come
In The Branches
The World Is A Top

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