Black Mamba Eat Octopus, Discuss New EP

Black Mamba

In anticipation of the band’s star-studded EP release show at the Casbah tomorrow night, CityBeat has published an interview with Aimee Sanchez and Keith Milgaten of San Diego dream-pop quartet Black Mamba. In it, the pair discuss the new EP, fleshing out the band’s sound, and what it’s like creating music with your significant other:

“I remember the first time we hung out,” Milgaten recalls. “It was at my house. We looked at Aimee’s MySpace page so I could hear her music. I was really blown away by it, even though her recordings were very, uh, very demo-y at the time—.”

“That’s because they were demos!” protests Sanchez with a giggle.

Milgaten smiles. “Yes, they were demos. I was fascinated by her singing style and how she wrote for the piano. I could tell that she was very special.”

And cute, right?

“I’m trying to pertain to the subject,” he laughs. “You don’t even want me to go off on how cute she is.”

Aren’t they adorable? Come by the Casbah tomorrow and bask in the warmth of their gorgeous, sensual compositions. The Paddle Boat, Tape Deck Mountain, and Drew Andrews will be on hand to make the evening even more special.

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