Black Mamba To Celebrate ‘Birthday’ at the Casbah

Black Mamba

Up-and-coming San Diego band Black Mamba are set to release Golden Birthday, a 12-inch EP, at the end of the month on the illustrious Single Screen record label. To commemorate the event, the band will be playing a show at the Casbah on April 30th, with The Paddle Boat, Tape Deck Mountain, and Drew Andrews. Don’t miss out on what will clearly be an amazing show.

Speaking of amazing shows, San Diego blog extraordinaire Sezio has just published their review of Black Mamba’s Luce Loft performance from two weeks ago. If you weren’t at any of the five incredible Luce Loft performances—which showcased local heavies The Silent Comedy, Writer, Joel P. West, John Meeks, Calico Horse, and the ubiquitous Paddle Boat—be sure to read Sezio’s reviews so you can at least pretend you were.

Can’t read? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out the video of Black Mamba playing the dreamy “Smoke & Mirrors” after the jump.

Black Mamba – Smoke & Mirrors from Brad Kester on Vimeo.

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