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Flaggs Reform, Prep New Album


The San Diego band is back — with two new members

Cults’ Following

The New York rockers are getting big, whether they like it or not

SoundDiego Sessions vol. 2 – Maren Parusel

Watch Maren Parusel perform “Sun Goes Down in Space” at the NBC studios.

North Park Music Thing is Upon Us

North Park Music Thing has a huge lineup of local acts lighting up music venues across Midtown.

Drew Andrews Celebrates His ‘Birthday’

Drew Andrews can walk, chew gum, and release EPs at the same time.

Black Mamba To Celebrate ‘Birthday’ at the Casbah

Black Mamba

Up-and-coming San Diego band Black Mamba are set to release Golden Birthday, a 12-inch EP, at the end of the month on the illustrious Single Screen record label. To commemorate the event, the band will be playing a show at the Casbah on April 30th, with The Paddle Boat, Tape Deck Mountain, and Drew Andrews. […]