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Thao with the Get Down Stay Down Get Sacked

The first thing Thao with the Get Down Stay Down ever saw in San Diego was a pair of dangling balls.

Last November, the band came to town to play a show and, upon entering the city’s limits, were treated to a memorable sight. The pair in question was hanging off the back of a pickup truck—I’m just going to go ahead and assume it was a Ford F150—and the image of the swinging Bumper Nuts™ quickly burned itself into the unsuspecting band’s retinas. San Diego may be known worldwide for its beaches and burritos, but it is our balls that Thao with the Get Down Stay Down will forever remember us for. Continue reading

Poetic Memory: Boomsnake (List)


Gabriel Rodriguez of San Diego’s Boomsnake initially met our Poetic Memory request with skepticism. In his own words, “I naturally become enthralled or influenced by the artist more than a record…I like becoming immersed in the creator: to view the world from their perspective, whatever it may be.” He adds, “The major influences of my life are probably those of most music listeners. Yes, I delve deep into the obscure, but those are not ‘life’ influences.”

For Rodriguez, though, the bottom line is this: “I enjoy music. All forms of music. If you put on ‘Thriller’ at a party, I’ll be dancing; ‘War Pigs’ at the bar, I’ll be drinking happily; ‘Sex in the Kitchen’ while making out, I’ll get freaky.”

Rodriguez’s list chronicles records that “strike the very being of the listener; records that play as if they were written for you.” His Poetic Memory is below. Continue reading

Drew Andrews Celebrates His ‘Birthday’

Let it never be said that Drew Andrews can’t multitask. The multi-instruentalist’s best-known gig, San Diego flagship electronic act The Album Leaf, are set to release their fifth full-length album, A Chorus of Storytellers, on February 2nd through Sub Pop records. Andrews also plays in the side project Via Satellite with fellow Album Leaf member Tim Reece. He’s even written two novellas, The Shepherd’s Journals and Lella, both of which are available as free downloads from Feedbooks. But when Drew Andrews isn’t dividing his time between those worthy endeavors, he devotes his energies to his best project yet: Drew Andrews. Continue reading

Single Screen Records Signs Black Mamba

Ethereal piano-pop band Black Mamba has become the latest artist to sign with San Diego label Single Screen Records. They are currently finishing up a 6 song EP, which will be released through the label on 12-inch vinyl in early 2009.

And while you’re eagerly awaiting the release of their EP, do yourself a favor and go see them live. They’ll be playing at the Beauty Bar with Drew Andrews and Boomsnake on December 9th, and at The Casbah with Tape Deck Mountain and Madison County on December 22nd.

Continue reading