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The Owl and Bear Podcast: November 2016

Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen

Here we are: a week and change out from the election, blinking through the nuclear fallout of America’s ugliest impulses. Some of us were shocked. Some of us were outraged. Some of us were smug. None of it really helps, but we perform these reactions anyway. What else is there to do? Continue reading…

The Owl and Bear Podcast vol. 186

The Owl and Bear Podcast


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Film Review: Life Itself

Life Itself

Roger Ebert loved movies. He spent most of his life watching them, writing about them, and passionately debating them. Over the decades, he played an unrivaled role in bringing film criticism to the masses (or “vulgarizing” it, according to some of his stuffier peers). It’s only fitting that now, a little over a year since his death, the final word on his life should take the form of a movie. Continue reading…