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“I had to leave. I was gonna be sick. I almost threw up on my way home.”

So speaks Brian Oblivion in a recent interview with Spin. The traumatizing event he refers to isn’t the death of a family member or the premature cancellation of Party Down. Rather, the horrific occurrence that had Oblivion ready to boot was something most people would love to experience: his band, Cults, was blowing up.

It’s debatable whether Oblivion’s shyness is the result of a genuine aversion to the spotlight or a shrewd marketing ploy. After all, most bands that want to stay under the radar don’t use handy industry connections like Willowz guitarist Richie Follin (brother of Cults member Madeline Follin) and White Zombie founder Paul Kostabi (Madeline’s stepdad) to help secure a record deal on Lily Allen’s label right out of the gate.

What isn’t debatable, though, is that Cults are getting big. In the last year, the Manhattan duo has ascended to indie-pop stardom thanks to the strength of the insanely catchy “Go Outside,” which finally got an official video last week. The band released its self-titled debut last month, delivering on that single’s promise with 10 additional tracks of girl-group-inspired goodness.

The wave of attention Cults are currently (not) enjoying will carry them to the Soda Bar on July 29, where they’ll play with another duo: San Diego’s Writer. The show sold out faster than you can say “buzz band,” and those of you who were lucky enough to snag tickets in time will get to enjoy one of the summer’s hottest shows. Don’t applaud too loudly though — you might make Brian Oblivion vomit.

Video: Cults – “Go Outside”

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