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Listen to Wynn Walent and Donate to Haiti

Wynn Walent is the kind of guy you’re proud to call your friend. A couple of years ago he ditched the grid to offer a helping hand to kids in an orphanage in Peru. Then, when the earthquake struck Haiti, he scraped up money from donations from friends to hop on a flight to Port-au-Prince to see how he might be able to help out. In the midst of the recent cholera outbreak there, he sent a heartbreaking yet optimistic email update (reprinted below) to his mailing list.

The reason Wynn has a mailing list, and the reason we’re mentioning him on this blog, is that he’s also an incredibly talented musician. He writes soft acoustic folk songs with earnest lyrics and an effortlessly beautiful tenor. As he mentions in his email, the music is free for download on his website, and if you choose to donate any money for it, 100% will go to needy or sick families in Haiti that he knows personally. I can vouch for him.

Check out Wynn’s music (above) and email (below)…

Live Review: Foals at the Casbah, October 14, 2010

MP3: Foals – “Balloons”
MP3: Foals – “Spanish Sahara” (Deadboy Remix)

“Listen to Foals – Spanish Sahara.” That was the text message I received several months ago, late at night, completely out of the blue, and from a friend I hadn’t been in touch with for ages. I listened, and then I listened again, hitting reload on the YouTube video and turning the volume up a little more each time.
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Live Review: The Walkmen at the Belly Up Tavern, September 18, 2010

Photo credit: Doug Sopfe

Back in early 2004, The Walkmen rolled into San Diego, touring off of their breakout album Bows and Arrows. I had yet to hear the album, and the nation was still about six months away from unanimously agreeing that the searing anthem “The Rat” was the best rock single of the year.

So it was just dumb luck when a friend and I — having just moved to the city and wanting to introduce ourselves to the live music scene — basically closed our eyes, pointed to the concert listings, and chose The Walkmen. At the Casbah. It was a hell of an introduction. Front man Hamilton Leithauser was a whirlwind that night, slightly drunk, perching on the monitors and throwing around mic stands, and stalking the stage like he owned the place and everyone in it. We were all instant fans. Continue reading…

North Park Music Thing is Upon Us

Writer (photo by Brad Swonetz)

If you’re a local musician, a friend of a local musician, or otherwise dipping your toes in the San Diego music scene, then you don’t need us to tell you about the North Park Music Thing. But if you haven’t heard of it, here’s what’s worth knowing: NPMT is a combined conference and music festival in the style of Austin’s South by Southwest, albeit on a much smaller scale. This year, the event starts on Friday, August 13 and continues all the way into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Non-industry folk won’t be too interested in the conference portion, which consists of lectures and panel discussions aimed at bringing budding musicians up to speed on the quirks and pitfalls of the industry, but for the rest of us there’s a huge lineup of local acts lighting up 14 music venues scattered across Midtown.

Personally, we’re stoked  — stoked enough to actually use the word stoked — that a ton of our favorite local bands, and lots that (we’re embarrassed to admit) we have yet to see, are all playing over the course of two nights. Here’s where you’ll find us, obvious schedule conflicts notwithstanding: Continue reading…

Review: Shout Out Louds; May 22, 2010; House of Blues, San Diego

Photo credit: Christian Haag

For their fifth anniversary, the San Diego branch of Chicago-based music venue House of Blues celebrated with an afternoon, all-ages show featuring Freelance Whales, Earl Greyhound, Shout Out Louds, and Ok Go. The “all-ages” aspect was evident in the awkward teenage poses of kids in the top balcony — and by what looked like an entire middle-school class, complete with chaperones, taking up the whole right corner. Continue reading…