North Park Music Thing is Upon Us

Writer (photo by Brad Swonetz)

If you’re a local musician, a friend of a local musician, or otherwise dipping your toes in the San Diego music scene, then you don’t need us to tell you about the North Park Music Thing. But if you haven’t heard of it, here’s what’s worth knowing: NPMT is a combined conference and music festival in the style of Austin’s South by Southwest, albeit on a much smaller scale. This year, the event starts on Friday, August 13 and continues all the way into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Non-industry folk won’t be too interested in the conference portion, which consists of lectures and panel discussions aimed at bringing budding musicians up to speed on the quirks and pitfalls of the industry, but for the rest of us there’s a huge lineup of local acts lighting up 14 music venues scattered across Midtown.

Personally, we’re stoked  — stoked enough to actually use the word stoked — that a ton of our favorite local bands, and lots that (we’re embarrassed to admit) we have yet to see, are all playing over the course of two nights. Here’s where you’ll find us, obvious schedule conflicts notwithstanding:


8:00 Writer, U31

8:30 Jamuel Saxon, Bar Pink

8:45 Tape Deck Mountain, U31

10:10 Miss Erika Davies, Claire De Lune

10:30 Jungle Fever, Soda Bar

11:00 Swim Party, Eleven (El Cajon Blvd)

11:30 The Creepy Creeps, Bar Pink

12:35 The Silent Comedy, U31


8:15 Arrows, Queen Bee

8:30 Greg Gibson, Ruby Room (Hillcrest)

8:30 Smile Now Cry Later, Bar Pink

8:30 d/wolves, Soda Bar (El Cajon Blvd)

9:15 The Drowning Men, Queen Bee

9:35 Lion Cut, U31

10:00 Cuckoo Chaos, Whistle Stop Bar (South Park)

10:05 Astra Kelly, Claire De Lune

11:30 Long Live Logos, Ruby Room (Hillcrest)

12:35 Shark Attack, U31

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