Medeski Martin and Wood Unveil Their Creepy Side

Medeski Martin and Wood

The music of Medeski Martin and Wood isn’t exactly known for its scariness. Sure, the jazz trio play their instruments so well it can be frightening, but they’re not exactly the band you would hire to score your horror movie.

After watching the video for “Amber Gris”, the first single off MMW’s newly released album Radiolarians II, you may have to reassess your perception of the band. Filmed, directed, and edited by drummer Billy Martin, the video’s low-key lighting, Super 16mm photography, and backwoods Blair Witch imagery would at first glance seem better suited to an old Sam Raimi film than a jazz club.

But Medeski Martin and Wood are nothing if not versatile. With its ominously discordant build-up, intense crescendos, and hushed interludes, “Amber Gris” is yet another fine example of the band’s ability to evoke mood without sacrificing groovy momentum. We’ve got the video for you after the jump and, for those of you with a deep-set fear of creepy old men in recliners, a streaming mp3 of the song as well.

Stream: “Amber Gris” from Radiolarians II

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