Illuminauts Give You Swine Flu

If listening to Illuminauts makes you feel like you’re on drugs, that’s because it’s supposed to. Comprised of locals Santino Romeri and Nicky Castañeda, the electronic band weaves trip-hop beats and psychedelic samples into moody sonic tapestries designed to expand your mind.

Listening to Illuminauts can be a trippy experience, but until now it’s only been a live one. That’s set to change on April 2nd, when the duo releases its debut seven-inch on Single Screen Records. The record features two otherworldly tracks from the band: “Swine Flu” on the A-side, and “Acid Hands” on the B.

To celebrate, Illuminauts will be playing a special release show that night at the Whistle Stop. Joining in the festivities will be labelmates The Paddle Boat, whose jazzy folk-rock treads similarly extraterrestrial terrain. The Paddle Boat have also been covering some literal terrain lately; the trio just returned from a Southwestern tour that included a stop at a small, little-known music festival called South by Southwest.

The Illuminauts record is just one of several upcoming Single Screen releases. Debut seven-inches from provocatively named bands Nude Boy and Neon Dick are forthcoming, as are represses of The Vision of a Dying World‘s I Will Not Fear What I Don’t Understand EP and BeatersFishage single. The latter band has just embarked on a cross-country tour with San Diego success story The Soft Pack.

As with all Friday shows at the charming hipster dive, admission to the Illuminauts’ Whistle Stop release show is free.

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