Contest: Win ‘Songs of the Young Sinclairs’ on Vinyl

The Young Sinclairs just released The Songs of the Young Sinclairs, and with May on the way, their 1960s-influenced indie-folk promises to be the ideal companion to your summer chillaxation.

We have three vinyl pressings of the LP cooling on the O&B windowsill, and we’re giving them away to our loyal readers for — wait for it — free. And with three copies to give away, you’d be a fool not to enter. All fools at peace with their foolishness, but who still like good, free music, can also enter. You’re practically guaranteed* a copy.

If you’re unfamiliar with the sound of The Young Sinclairs, check out “Tribe” (MP3) from The Songs of the Young Sinclairs.

To enter this contest, just comment below and include your email address in the form (your email won’t be visible to the public). The lucky winners will be chosen at random on May 10, 2010.

*Actual odds of winning rest comfortably between “you’re practically guaranteed a copy ” and 1:ten duotrigintillion.

23 thoughts on “Contest: Win ‘Songs of the Young Sinclairs’ on Vinyl”

  1. Stumbled upon The Young Sinclairs when I saw they were opening up for The Brian Jonestown Massacre in nearby Philadelphia in June. I have to say they are the best "new" band I have heard recently..and one of my new favorite bands!

  2. i already own this record, but id like to give a copy to my friend nicky two shoes. hey jonathan

  3. At least it gave me the opportunity to discover a new band! Thank you.

    (al from keep music evil forum)

  4. The modern day Byrds, makes you feel you're back in the sixties.

    I'm a great fan of these guys , so much so I featured them on one of my label's compilations.

    It's no accident that they're supporting BJM on the forthcoming East Coast dates.

    Keep The Faith!!!

  5. Hello. I am a young North American music enthusiast. I am also a fan of chemically synthesized solids. The album pleases me in two ways, but I have a vivid imagination and could probably conjure up other uses [non-sexual, please]. Thank you.

    – D. Avery Friday

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