Local Musician Erick Wales Missing

Erick Wales, of the defunct San Diego band Dehra Dun, is missing.

Wales was last seen on Monday, April 19th, at 6:30am in the Mission Valley area. The blonde, slender Wales is 24 years old, 6 feet tall, and weighs 140 pounds. When he was last seen, he was wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and a brown belt. He drives a black, two-door Saturn Ion with a broken right-side mirror, license plate number FR33BSD.

Wales’ friends and family have started a website to coordinate the search, Find Erick Wales. The site provides contact information to use if you have any information as to his whereabouts and a downloadable flyer you can print out to display in your neighborhood.

Before disbanding in 2006, Dehra Dun were a local sensation. Wales played keytar in the band, which would reform as The Silent Comedy. Anyone with information about Erick should call 619-301-9283.

UPDATE: On November 14, 2010, Wales’ family released the following statement: “Someone contacted the San Diego Police Dept. concerning Erick. Through personal follow-up and photographic evidence, it has been confirmed that Erick is alive and is safe. He has established himself in another community and has chosen to pursue the course that he is on and his new direction. We have been very thankful for all the support you have given us over the last 7 months. This breakthrough came as a result of your continuous prayers. Please spread the news that Erick is alive and safe…thank you.”

5 thoughts on “Local Musician Erick Wales Missing”

  1. I knew him back in the day as Erick Watson when we worked at Domino’s Pizza. He was always such a hard worker who baked the best pies. Pizza has simply not tasted the same since he left. We miss him dearly.

  2. Back in the day I worked with him at Dominos on Third Ave when he was known as Young Watson. He was always such a hard worker who would sling the fastest pizzas. I really miss him and know what he meant to the community. Pizza has never tasted the same since he left us.

  3. He’s living a happy and better life in Costa Rica. God bless this young man. We still miss him here in Portland, Rose City, USA.

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