Time to Move & Shake at the Rumble

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Come Saturday, you’ll feel that familiar shake ‘neath your feet and think it’s happening again. But this time, it won’t be another e-quake (as far as I know); it’ll be the sound of people stampeding to Bar Pink for The Rumble.

If admission weren’t 100% free, I’d call The Rumble the “always sold-out” indie rock showcase that rolls into America’s Finest City every month. Since there’s no cover charge, I’ll just say it’s the indie rock event that has it all: free bands, the jockeying of discs, cheap booze, me…

This month’s featured artists include San Diego’s Maren Parusel and Drug Wars and L.A.’s Chasing Kings. Throw in local celebutante Seth Combs (spinning under the stage name DJ Meth Combz), and you’ve got yourself one hell of a happening. Get there reasonably early, steal a space at the bar, order some astoundingly inexpensive drinks, and have a blast. That’s what we do, anyway.

And if you think that the folks who sponsor The Rumble are going to make you listen to three great bands for free without any kind of incentive, you, sir (or madam) are mistaken. You can expect $3 Trumer Pils specials all night and free Trumer tastings from 8:30 to 9:30.

If you’d like to publicly announce your plans to attend the June 12 Rumble, visit the intriguing new website called Face-Book. If you wish to sit next to us at the bar, please wear an owl and/or bear costume so that we might recognize you. No, we are not furries, so keep it in your shorts, wiseguy.

The Rumble is brought to you by Future Sounds and Indigenous, in partnership with San Diego: Dialed In, M-Theory Music, and your friendly neighborhood Owl and Bear. The first person to show up in a bear costume will win a Trumer Pils at the special discount rate of $3.

Finally, in case that hour-long Trumer tasting isn’t enough to whet your whistle, here are some downloadable band tastings:
MP3: Maren Parusel – Dear Love
MP3: Chasing Kings – This Town
MP3: Drug Wars – Drug Wars

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