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The Rumble Rolls into San Diego on Saturday

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MP3: Longstay – “I Swore That Off Before”
MP3: The Fling – “Wandering Foot”
MP3: Gun Runner – “Fiber Glass”

If you gauged the passage of time in terms of Rumbles, life would go by very quickly. It seems like only yesterday that the monthly music showcase last passed through San Diego, and here we are again. It’s like having a birthday every month.

This month’s Rumble will be held at Bar Pink tomorrow, May 7, and will feature Longstay, The Fling, and up-and-coming locals Gun Runner. Longstay are an Americana/indie-folk band in the vein of Dawes. Local art advocates Sezio.org have called their Homes & Houses EP “a rock-pop album that’s not afraid to show some soul, or a soul-pop album that’s not afraid to rock.” In addition to the MP3 (above), be sure to check out Longstay’s puzzling website for a few minutes of a-maze-ing fun.

Long Beach’s The Fling recently released their debut LP, When The Madhouse Appear, and it’s received rave reviews. Exploding In Sound has described it as  “shoegaze inflicted folk music, woozy pop balladry, swirling psychedelics, luscious vocal harmonies, and all around incredible song writing.”

Last, but not least, are openers Gun Runner. We’re pleased to have these talented San Diegans (and O&B friends) on the bill. The seriously talented quartet is one of this town’s best indie bands; we compared their Bad Neighbors EP to the “psychedelic blues of Bob Dylan’s 2007 masterpiece, Time out of Mind” (but with far, far, far better vocals).

DJ Snakehips will spin discs between sets. As always, The Rumble is free, and it’s brought to you by Future Sounds, Indigenous, San Diego: Dialed In, Bedouin Vintage Collective, Friends With Both Arms, Strong Screen Printing, Eventbrite, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and, as always, your friendly neighborhood Owl and Bear.

944 Magazine Calls Owl and Bear “Favorite Local Music Blog” Second Year Running!

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We’re a modest bunch here at Owl and Bear. We don’t do what we do for the money, or the fame, or for the hundreds of thousands of beautiful San Diego babes who want to go out with us.

Instead, Owl and Bear is a labor of love: we pride ourselves on our writing, our taste, and our insanely snobby high standards. We don’t do it because anyone tells us to, we do it because it’s in our blood. Our blood. So, rather than spend a lot of time applauding our (admittedly) high-quality work, we like to let the content do the talking.

That said, we fucking rule. This month, Owl and Bear was named one of 944 Magazine‘s “Favorite Local Music Blogs” for the second year in a row! Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Tahiti 80 (List)

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MP3: Tahiti 80 – Crack Up (Extended)

South By Southwest is upon us, and many of our fair city’s finest bands are playing hometown sendoffs before heading to Texas.

Tahiti 80, on the other hand, are 5,000 miles away from their native France, so they don’t have the luxury of playing to an adoring hometown crowd before the Big Gig. They will, however, have the luxury of playing this Saturday’s Rumble, where San Diegans will nonetheless shower the Parisian popsters with praise.

The sextet is known for its danceable brand of indie pop that combines live instrumentation with electronic elements and airy vocals, and its songs have been described by Pitchfork as “creamy dreamy delicacies.”

On February 22, Tahiti 80 released The Past, The Present, and The Possible, the kind of album that can brighten even the darkest of days. If you buy the album at Saturday’s Rumble, it’ll help you beat the blues while your rich friends are partying without you in Austin. In anticipation of their show, Tahiti 80 frontman Xavier Boyer sent us a list of his influences. Check it out below…

Poetic Memory: TV Girl (List)

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MP3: TV Girl – “If You Want It”
MP3: Dirty Gold – “California Sunrise”
MP3: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – “In Steps”

San Diego’s TV Girl are new to the music scene, but they’re already getting a lot of press.

Aside from generating local buzz, the lo-fi rockers recently caught the ears of Pitchfork, who called the band’s Todd Rundgren-sampling single, “If You Want It,” “balmy and inviting.” The tastemaking music website also bestowed the ever-important “ballsy” distinction upon the track.

One listen to “If You Want It,” and you’ll wish TV Girl had their own show. Fortunately for you, they do: The Rumble — San Diego’s monthly indie showcase at Bar Pink — kicks off its 2011 season this Saturday, and the band will be there to drag you away from the late nite boob tube. To prep yourself, download TV Girl’s whole EP for free at their Bandcamp page.

In anticipation of the show, we asked the TV Girl boys what influences them. Band member Trung Ngo replied: “Being in a ‘buzz band’ is about one thing: Money. Whether you’re haggling with some sketchy promoter throwing a chillwave festival in Finland or hawking your limited edition 7-inch through your blog, ‘buzzbands’ should be prepared to come into contact with lots of cold hard cash. Handling such ungodly sums of money can become tiresome, that’s why it’s important to keep it fresh by referencing lots of obscure slang in all your financial dealings. Here are just a few of our favorites.” Continue reading…

The Rumble Gives Thanks

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MP3: Raw Moans – “You’ve Got Mail” (Crypt Thing remix)
MP3: Ume – “The Conductor”
MP3: Shapes of Future Frames – “Gallows”

This Saturday at Bar Pink will be the last chance this year for San Diegans to gorge themselves on the Rumble’s smorgasbord of free music.

To mark the occasion, our friends at Future Sounds have cooked up a great lineup for Rumble-goers — including Shapes of Future Frames, Ute, and Raw Moans.

First, San Diego’s own Shapes of Future Frames will tantalize the crowd with their special brand of space rock. Featuring members of Scarlet Symphony and The Old In Out, Shapes of Future Frames fuse elements of prog and glam into something otherworldly and unique. The band released its debut seven-inch last year, and is currently at work on its debut full-length. For more information, check out our February 2010 interview with Shapes of Future Frames.
Continue reading…