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944 Magazine Calls Owl and Bear “Favorite Local Music Blog” Second Year Running!

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We’re a modest bunch here at Owl and Bear. We don’t do what we do for the money, or the fame, or for the hundreds of thousands of beautiful San Diego babes who want to go out with us.

Instead, Owl and Bear is a labor of love: we pride ourselves on our writing, our taste, and our insanely snobby high standards. We don’t do it because anyone tells us to, we do it because it’s in our blood. Our blood. So, rather than spend a lot of time applauding our (admittedly) high-quality work, we like to let the content do the talking.

That said, we fucking rule. This month, Owl and Bear was named one of 944 Magazine‘s “Favorite Local Music Blogs” for the second year in a row! Continue reading…