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Poetic Memory: Tahiti 80 (List)

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MP3: Tahiti 80 – Crack Up (Extended)

South By Southwest is upon us, and many of our fair city’s finest bands are playing hometown sendoffs before heading to Texas.

Tahiti 80, on the other hand, are 5,000 miles away from their native France, so they don’t have the luxury of playing to an adoring hometown crowd before the Big Gig. They will, however, have the luxury of playing this Saturday’s Rumble, where San Diegans will nonetheless shower the Parisian popsters with praise.

The sextet is known for its danceable brand of indie pop that combines live instrumentation with electronic elements and airy vocals, and its songs have been described by Pitchfork as “creamy dreamy delicacies.”

On February 22, Tahiti 80 released The Past, The Present, and The Possible, the kind of album that can brighten even the darkest of days. If you buy the album at Saturday’s Rumble, it’ll help you beat the blues while your rich friends are partying without you in Austin. In anticipation of their show, Tahiti 80 frontman Xavier Boyer sent us a list of his influences. Check it out below…

Jail Weddings Lay Down the Law

Photo credit: Sarah Morrison

If you don’t like Jail Weddings, you don’t like music. The LA ten-piece takes all the whimsy of 60s-era pop and doo wop and fuses it with a ragged, punch-drunk swagger that’s pure rock and roll. Katya Hubiak and Jada Wagensomer’s angelic harmonies flank charismatic front man Gabriel Hart’s belted vocals while the band backs them with a wall of sound that would make Phil Spector proud. Continue reading…