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Owl and Bear’s Best Lists of 2011

“You are what you love, not what loves you.” That memorable line from Adaptation may have referred to romantic love, specifically the unrequited variety, but its implications run deeper. Continue reading…

Video: TV Girl – “Baby You Were There”

Anyone who lists The Magnetic Fields and Leonard Cohen as influences clearly knows their stuff. It’s no surprise, then, that TV Girl‘s music is so engaging. The droll humor and lyrical richness of those heavyweights permeate the San Diego band’s triumphant new EP, Benny and the Jets, available for free download on their Facebook page.

The local duo has just released a video for the EP track “Baby You Were There,” which you can watch above. In it, the magic of stop-motion allows formerly inanimate objects to flit about in various shapes and patterns, their manic energy serving as a stark contrast to the apathy of the couple on the couch. Plus, the video gives new meaning to the phrase “fully-clothed sex.” You can watch it above.