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The Owl and Bear Podcast: March 2016

The Castillians
The Castillians

March music is choked out by the spidery tendrils of SXSW, and the Owl and Bear podcast is not immune. This month’s mix features lots of bands you’ll find wandering Austin somewhere between 6th street and Cesar Chavez, including Sunflower Bean, Yuck, and Night Beats. Continue reading…

Owl and Bear’s Best Lists of 2011

“You are what you love, not what loves you.” That memorable line from Adaptation may have referred to romantic love, specifically the unrequited variety, but its implications run deeper. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: The Wealthy West (List)

Photo credit: Andrew Ryan Shepherd

MP3: The Wealthy West – “Love Is Not Enough”

“Love is not enough
But if singing about it’s what you want
Then la-di-da, la-di-da, la-di-da
There you go.”

So goes the sardonic chorus of “Love Is Not Enough,” the opening track off The Wealthy West‘s Volume 1 EP. It’s a dazzling introduction to Austin musician Brandon Kinder and the various elements — acoustic twang, piercing melodies, and a world-weariness undercut by tongue-in-cheek humor — that make his music so distinctive.

Every song on Volume 1 is a home run, from the steadfast “Give Me Resurrection” to the forlorn “Home.” Its unrelenting quality and minimalist, down-home charm make the 5-song tour de force reminiscent of — and every bit as good as — The Avett Brothers’ Gleam EPs.

We spoke with Kinder — who also fronts the band The Rocketboys — about where he gets the inspiration to write such beautiful songs. Let’s just say his answers, which included everything from cheese dip to Jim Carrey, weren’t quite what we were expecting. You can check out his Poetic Memory below. Continue reading…