Dum Dum Girls Take a Licking

Dum Dum Girls should never have gotten big.

The band began as just a side project for Kristin Gundred, who released a demo under the Dum Dum Girls name for her fledgling Zoo Music label in 2008. The songs raised some eyebrows, but no one ever expected the band to overtake Gundred’s main gig: San Diego’s fast-rising Grand Ole Party.

If you were taking bets a year ago as to what San Diego band had the best chance of becoming a nationwide sensation, the smart money would have been on Grand Ole Party. Led by Gundred’s surly vocals and Animal-esque percussion, the trio came across like a funky Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The sound was a winning one, and their debut album — 2007’s Humanimals — became a fixture in San Diegans’ record collections. But, in 2009, Grand Ole Party were working on their follow-up album when, without warning, they decided to call it quits.

Luckily for Gundred’s fans, she wasted no time hopping to the nearest lilypad, and in the past year Dum Dum Girls have won over more fans than Grand Ole Party ever had. Of course, getting signed to the legendary Sub Pop Records and releasing the acclaimed LP I Will Be hasn’t hurt. Led by Gundred’s leather-clad alter ego Dee Dee, the four-piece’s self-described “blissed-out buzz saw” pop is equal parts charming and edgy.

Dum Dum Girls played a secret show at the Tin Can Ale House last month but, for those of you who missed it, you’re about to get a second chance to see them. They’ll be playing at the Casbah on July 2 with fellow up-and-comers Crocodiles. The bands have more in common than their respective buzz — Gundred happens to be married to lead Crocodile Brandon Welchez.

Tickets for the show can be purchased here.

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