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Lost Grand Ole Party Album Gets Surprise Release

Before their sudden breakup, Grand Ole Party were one of San Diego’s most promising bands. And though the group’s members have gone on to make interesting music via acts like Dum Dum Girls and The Hot Moon, it’s hard not to miss the Party days.

But now, those of us who have worn out our copies of Humanimals have cause to rejoice: Grand Ole Party will release their sophomore album, Under Our Skin, on August 30. The record was recorded in 2009 just before the band’s breakup and, until now, has gone unheard. The announcement of next week’s posthumous release comes out of the blue, but the surprise sure is a welcome one.

You can download the opening song “All Night” from Grand Ole Party’s website, and we have the entire track list below. Continue reading…

UCSD Soaks Up the Sun God

Photo credit: Erik Jepsen

It’s safe to say that the summer festival has gone mainstream. With the Coachellas, Bonnaroos, and Sasquatches of the world selling out in record time, tickets to these highly anticipated festivals are becoming increasingly hard to come by. (Whether scalping has something to do with it is another subject entirely.)

And that’s why UCSD’s Sun God festival — taking place this Friday on the university’s campus — is such a welcome alternative: the day of music and festivities is only open to students and their invited friends. That means no scalping, boho-clad celebrities, or lingering $300 charges that take months to pay off. Continue reading…