Video: Electric Tickle Machine Live at KEXP

NYC psych garage rockers Electric Tickle Machine debuted Blew It Again in October, and they’ve been accumulating fans ever since. The album, produced by Matt Boynton (Gang Gang Dance, Bat for Lashes) is a multi-faceted piece of work, ranging from compulsive singalong pop (“Part of Me”) to modernized Highway 61-esque tracks like “Bones.” Blew It Again is a hoot to hear, and the band’s energy on record implies that their live shows are a hell of a time.

Electric Tickle Machine also just participated in a wide-ranging interview with ABC news. In the interview, band mastermind Tom Tickle explains that their odd moniker is “a reference to the evolving relationship between humanity and technology and the vessels through which we process our culture, our art, our entertainment, and how we can look at doing something artistic within the context of a world where we already know the output.” If that hurts your brain too much, maybe simply consider Mr. Tickle’s disclaimer that Electric Tickle Machine “is not a euphemism for a vibrator.”

We at Owl and Bear are proud to offer a vinyl copy of Electric Tickle Machine’s debut album, Blew It Again. For a sample of their work, check out “Gimme Money” (MP3). Then, follow the instructions below.

To enter the contest, just comment below and include your email address in the form (your email won’t be visible to the public). The winner will be chosen at random on August 1, 2010.

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