Poetic Memory: Dinosaur Feathers (List)

Dinosaur Feathers have made a bit of a name for themselves back East. With a sound often compared to Animal Collective and the Beach Boys, these Brooklynites have received rave reviews from music fans everywhere, including Paste magazine:

When asked what…generated a bit of blog-buzz in recent months, Sullos demures: “The more you play, the more people talk about it.” True, but it likely has a bit more to do with the band’s melange of Latin and African-infused drum machine beats — plus the fact that these guys can really sing. Sullo and his bandmates use their voices like instruments, stacking and weaving them into a textured sonic tapestry that drips with 60s nostalgia.

We’re excited to see them at The Rumble this weekend, and you should be too. For a taste of their sound, check out “Fantasy Memorial” (MP3).

Top 5 Car Repairs to Make While on Tour
[audio:queen car.mp3]
Song: “I’m In Love With My Car” by Queen

1. Brakes: You don’t mess with brake failure, even when it happens at one in the morning in West Baltimore. Buy yourself some brake fluid and get your car to a parking garage. In the morning, get some more brake fluid and get it to mechanic. At least, that worked for us.
Song: “Jackson” by Brakes

2. Oil Changes: While not technically a repair, the best way to keep your car running for miles on end is to keep changing the oil. None of us know anything about cars, so this is the one thing we feel like we can control.
[audio:bow change.mp3]
Song: “Changes” – David Bowie

3. Air Conditioning: Sure, it may be a luxury, not a matter of safety, but it’s hard to imagine touring in the summer without working AC. Especially since we’ve had to make one 19 hour drive and one 16 hour drive in the past week.
Song: “Cold as Ice” – Foreigner

4. Tires: It goes without saying, that you can’t drive with a flat tire (as happened to us), but our tour mates Lonnie Walker had some alignment problems thanks to two bad tires, so this one goes out to them. Got to keep those wheels fresh!
[audio:beat tired.mp3]
Song: “I’m So Tired” – The Beatles

5. Radio: Again, another luxury, but you can’t listen to audio books without it. We could have gone with timing belts, since we’ve had to fix two in the past two weeks, but we don’t know what timing belts do. We know what radios do and it’s hard to imagine touring without them.
Song: “Radio” – Elvis Costello

Dinosaur Feathers on the road
Aug 7 2010 – The Rumble at Bar Pink – San Diego, CA
Aug 9 2010 – The Crepe Place – Santa Cruz, CA
Aug 11 2010 – Bottom of the Hill – San Francisco, CA
Aug 13 2010 – The Cobalt – Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Aug 14 2010 – Seattle Center, WA
Aug 15 2010 – The Woods – Portland, OR
Aug 16 2010 – TBA – Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 17 2010 – TBA – Denver, CO
Aug 18 2010 – The Bourbon Theater – Lincoln, NE
Aug 19 2010 – TBA – Minneapolis, MN
Aug 20 2010 – Club Garibaldi – Milwaukee, WI
Aug 21 2010 – TBA – Chicago, IL
Aug 22 2010 – TBA – Rock Island, IL
Aug 24 2010 – TBA – Bloomington, IN
Aug 25 2010 – TBA – Louisville, KY
Aug 26 2010 – Believeland – Cleveland, OH
Aug 27 2010 – TBA – Philadelphia, PA
Aug 28 2010 – Littlefield – Brooklyn, New York
Sep 7 2010 – Bruar Falls – Brooklyn, NY

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