Video: The Boyish Charms – “The Tweed Twig”

Sure, groups like Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes know how to make great music, but can they make you laugh? The ability to properly tickle the funny bone is rare in indie rock, and it’s what gives The Boyish Charms an edge over the competition.

That comic sensibility is on full display in the San Diego band’s new video for “The Tweed Twig.” The ridiculously catchy song is the first single off The Boyish Charms’ latest album, the tongue-twistingly-titled Infinity in its Infancy (available now on white vinyl).

In the Gerry Saucedo-directed clip, band members Robbie Lawson and Cam Jones rack up late fees at some place called Blockbuster Video, go on a wild shopping spree at Horton Plaza, and impress strangers with their sensual corn dog-eating abilities. The video also stars Red Pony Clock frontman Gabe Saucedo (brother of Gerry) as “Marsellus the Mailman.”

Check out the ensuing hilarity above, then catch The Boyish Charms on May 26, when they’ll play with A Book About Elephants and Seed at the Park Gallery.

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