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Video: The Boyish Charms – “The Tweed Twig”

Sure, groups like Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes know how to make great music, but can they make you laugh? The ability to properly tickle the funny bone is rare in indie rock, and it’s what gives The Boyish Charms an edge over the competition.

That comic sensibility is on full display in the San Diego band’s new video for “The Tweed Twig.” The ridiculously catchy song is the first single off The Boyish Charms’ latest album, the tongue-twistingly-titled Infinity in its Infancy (available now on white vinyl).

In the Gerry Saucedo-directed clip, band members Robbie Lawson and Cam Jones rack up late fees at some place called Blockbuster Video, go on a wild shopping spree at Horton Plaza, and impress strangers with their sensual corn dog-eating abilities. The video also stars Red Pony Clock frontman Gabe Saucedo (brother of Gerry) as “Marsellus the Mailman.”

Check out the ensuing hilarity above, then catch The Boyish Charms on May 26, when they’ll play with A Book About Elephants and Seed at the Park Gallery.

Poetic Memory: Fatigo (List)

Pretty much nothing good ever comes out of Arizona, but Fatigo are the exception to that rule. The Phoenix band boasts as many as a dozen members, all coming together to craft a bizarre brand of Latin-inspired rock. You can get a sampling of their lighthearted stylings on their Myspace page.

If you like what you hear, go see Fatigo at Soda Bar on January 29, where they’ll be playing alongside two local acts — the similarly extraño Red Pony Clock and the power-popping Grand Tarantula.

In anticipation of the show, Fatigo singer/guitarist shared his Poetic Memory with us. Check it out below. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Normandie Wilson (List)

Photo credit: MySpace

Fans of San Diego’s eccentric mariachi rockers Red Pony Clock have no doubt noticed Normandie Wilson, their fetching marimba player. The self-described “DIY Burt Bacharach-influenced pop” songstress is preparing her fourth solo album, The Flower Box, for release on July 1st. You can hear the first single, “Elevator,” on her MySpace page, or you can download the lovely “Goodbye” here (MP3).

It’s fitting that Wilson’s vocals soar like a bird over her swanky pop arrangements — she’s a member of the San Diego Audubon Society, and has dedicated herself to painting every single species of bird before she dies. We’re guessing that she also approves of (at least the first half of) our website’s name.

Wilson will be tearing herself away from the mixing board on June 23rd for a rare performance at the E Street Cafe in Encinitas, so be sure to catch her. In the meantime, be sure to check out her Poetic Memory below, in which she lists the albums and artists that ignited her love for music. Continue reading…

Single Screen Signs Maren Parusel

Maren Parusel

San Diego’s Single Screen Records has just added German export Maren Parusel to its rapidly growing roster.

The former front-woman of Wild Weekend—which started as a The Zeros cover band but whose local prestige eventually grew to rival that of its muse—and the also-defunct Squiddo, Parusel has decided to fly solo. Her debut 7-inch is currently being pressed and will be released sometime this summer.

Single Screen has been melting a lot of wax lately. In addition to signing Parusel, the label has 7-inch releases planned for The Powerchords, Beaters, The Atoms, The Illuminauts, and Charles Musket, as well as the debut full-length from The Paddle Boat.

You can catch Parusel’s wistful pop melodies live at the Beauty Bar on May 23rd, where she’ll be playing with The Dabbers and Red Pony Clock. We’ve also got a video of her performing the captivatingly carnivalesque “Ordinary Day” after the jump. Continue reading