Summer Lovin’

Stream: Normandie Wilson – “Just a Little Time”

If Burt Bacharach were to be reincarnated as a plucky songstress with a love for birds, you’d have Normandie Wilson.

The appealing singer/songwriter has been charming San Diegans for years, both as marimba player for Red Pony Clock and as a solo artist. It’s in the latter capacity that she’s been turning the most heads of late, thanks to her charming 2010 album The Flower Box.

Wilson is about to strike musical gold again with the release of Summers are for Lovers. The 5-song EP has everything fans of the plucky songwriter have come to expect, from the precocious vocals of lead single “Just a Little Time,” to the poppy introspection of “Every Morning’s a Chance to Make Things Right,” to the impressive instrumentation of closing track “Beach at Night.” Throughout it all, Wilson’s wry, sugar-coated wit keeps the listener hanging on every lyric.

To celebrate the release of Summers are for Lovers, Wilson will perform at Eleven on Thursday, August 18. She’ll be joined by two opening acts: LA’s Sofa City Sweetheart and Ireland’s Biggles Flys Again. The EP-release show will also serve as a homecoming party for Wilson, who has spent most of the summer on a cross-country tour.

After the festivities die down, it’ll be back to work for the tireless Ms. Wilson, who is already in the final stages of preparing a new 7-inch.

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