For Better or Worse, The Strokes to Keep Making Albums

Undeterred by the lukewarm reception that greeted this year’s comeback attempt Angles, and in blissful ignorance of the declining trend in quality that has marred their albums since their 2001 breakthrough Is This It, The Strokes have announced that they are already at work on their next record.

According to Rolling Stone, bassist Nikolai Fraiture had this to say at Bonnaroo:

We kinda went back into the studio not to lose the momentum that we had and that we’d been building. We want to finish the album as soon as possible, but we want it to take its natural course and not force anything into happening.

So there you have it. The news is sure to please the group’s still-sizable, ever-forgiving fan base, but personally we’d much rather see a new Albert Hammond, Jr. or Little Joy album. At least maybe this time singer Julian Casablancas will be gracious enough to record his vocals at the same studio as the rest of the band.

One thought on “For Better or Worse, The Strokes to Keep Making Albums”

  1. They can keep making all the albums they want as long as they don’t forget the audience at their live shows only wants to hear Is This It and the singles they know off the later stuff.

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