Ted Leo Debuts New Song at Room 205 Session

On May 31, NJ punk (and post-punk) pioneer Ted Leo recorded a trio of solo live performances for Appleâ„¢ accessory makers Incase Designs’ Room 205 series.

Last week, Incase unveiled the first fruit of that labor, the dub-infused Brutalist Bricks track “One Polaroid a Day.” The middle part of the trilogy, a new song called “The Little Smug Supper Club,” premiered this week, and the third and final installment — the Leo classic “The Sword In The Stone” — will be posted on June 20.

“The Little Smug Supper Club,” which you can view above, sounds a lot like classic Leo: a little bit of punk, a solid pop chorus, and a heart of oak. In other words, it’s good stuff.

Past Room 205 sessions have featured La Sera, Abe Vigoda, and Avi Buffalo.

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