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Ted Leo Debuts New Song at Room 205 Session

On May 31, NJ punk (and post-punk) pioneer Ted Leo recorded a trio of solo live performances for Appleâ„¢ accessory makers Incase Designs’ Room 205 series.

Last week, Incase unveiled the first fruit of that labor, the dub-infused Brutalist Bricks track “One Polaroid a Day.” The middle part of the trilogy, a new song called “The Little Smug Supper Club,” premiered this week, and the third and final installment — the Leo classic “The Sword In The Stone” — will be posted on June 20.

“The Little Smug Supper Club,” which you can view above, sounds a lot like classic Leo: a little bit of punk, a solid pop chorus, and a heart of oak. In other words, it’s good stuff.

Past Room 205 sessions have featured La Sera, Abe Vigoda, and Avi Buffalo.

Poetic Memory: Generationals (List)

Generationals‘ 2009 album Con Law made our Best of 2009 list. For me, it’s the perfect example of everything I look for in a good pop-rock album: upbeat, catchy, light-hearted, and above all, fun. What made it exceed my expectations, however, were the varying styles from song to song. One minute I’m hearing Motown or Gary Numan, and the next I’m listening to…arena rock? Generationals’ unabashed experimentation with different sounds has helped to set them apart from the rest of the indie pack.

In addition to releasing great albums, they’ve been gallivanting around the U.S. spreading the rock-and-roll cheer nonstop. So, needless to say, I’m extra pleased that Grant Widmer took some time out of his busy schedule to send us a list of his influences. His Poetic Memory is below. Continue reading…