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You can never have enough concert series. For other cities, that would just be a bon mot, but in San Diego’s case, it’s more of a recrimination. America’s Finest City™ isn’t exactly overflowing with regular events that inject reliable doses of awesomeness into the music scene, and the last two attempts at creating some — Bar Pink’s The Rumble event and the downtown series Fluxx Live — have started off strong only to peter out within a year’s time.

That’s why it’s not a moment too soon for Bring on the Bright Lights to flip its on switch. The new monthly concert series is curated by local impresario Eric Howarth, founder of the M-Theory Music store, the Hi-Speed Soul record label, and the aforementioned Fluxx Live. Bring on the Bright Lights aims to coax big bands to town that might otherwise pass us over, then pair them with high-quality, smaller acts. Sounds pretty good in theory, but how about in practice?

Well, the first Bright Lights event is just around the corner, and we’re pleased to report that it’s a doozy. Australian electropop band Cut Copy is headlining, instantly turning the event into the biggest show of the month, if not the entire season. Anyone who’s seen Cut Copy play before (though you would have probably had to go to LA to do it) knows that their shows are like wild parties, thanks in no small part to their ultra-dancey, feelgood brand of new wave. Rounding out the night, indie darlings Washed Out and Midnight Magic will open. The event will be held at 4th & B on October 14, and you can purchase tickets here.

To help celebrate the first in what will hopefully be a long run of excellent shows, we’re giving away an 18×24 silkscreen poster to one lucky contest winner. The poster comes from an ultra-limited run of just 50, making it both badass-looking and collectible. To enter, comment on the Owl and Bear Facebook page here. The winner will be chosen on October 14, the day of the show.

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  1. BRAVO Eric Howarth! Wild dance parties? Sounds lame…HAHAH Ya right. Sounds great! I will be rolling out to this. Never saw them live. Thanks Chris!

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