Video: The Blank Tapes – “Silverado”

With a catchy, lo-fi sound and clear appreciation for Gram Parsons, it’s no wonder that The Blank Tapes has seen a spate of success in recent years. The band, led by L.A./S.F.-based multi-instrumentalist Matt Adams, has been featured in commercials, headlined San Fran’s famed Great American Music Hall, toured the world, and even received an endorsement from Rolling Stone. (“Quick, somebody sign them!”)

Part solo project, part loose collaboration with anyone who happens to be around when Adams sets up his 8-track recorder, The Blank Tapes have a Nudie suit-wearing, freewheelin’ aesthetic that makes for a perfectly Californian experience.

The band will soon embark on a West Coast tour, and will play the Tin Can Ale House on March 28 (tomorrow). This Frontier Needs Heroes and Levi Strom will open.

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