Poetic Memory: The Colourist (List)

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If Jimmy Eat World ate Death Cab For Cutie, the Colourist would be the dessert.

The indie popsters have been called charismatic, “incredibly cute,” and the best live band in Orange County, and the praise isn’t just hyperbole. The Colourist’s songs are catchy and well-realized, and the band’s four-song self-titled is pretty much pop bliss. With male-female harmonies, pop powerchords, and tales of love gone wrong, it’s safe to say that The Colourist’s career is just beginning.

The Costa Mesa band will play the Sonic-Con indie music showcase on Saturday, June 2 at Porter’s Pub. In anticipation of the show, we asked the band’s members to tell us about their influences. They happily obliged, and you can check out the Colourist’s Poetic Memory below.

Sonic-Con is a music expo held in support of independent record stores and to promote the hobby of music collecting. In addition to a lineup of bands that includes the New Limb, the New Kinetics, Bullet and Snowfox, the Very, Kelsea Little and the 78s, This Time with Feeling, and Tan Sister Radio, Sonic-Con will also feature a record sale, beer garden, and gourmet food trucks. Tickets may be purchased here for $11.50, or at the door for $15. Proceeds will benefit the National Association of Music Merchants, proprietors of the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California. We’re also giving away two tickets to Sonic-Con; visit our Facebook page to enter.

Poetic Memory: The Colourist

Lido Studio: We rehearse in studio on the 3rd floor of an old abandoned office building (after hours, once the attorney and sex therapist go home). We’re convinced the building is haunted, but we don’t mind since all of us happen to be experienced paranormal investigators. We are currently experimenting with EVP in one the rooms.

Sushi: Our studio also happens to be situated three stories above a quaint little sushi restaurant. It’s owned by some sort of mafia organization where all the men coordinate with nicely fitted khakis and buttoned-down black silk shirts — and they always accessorize with a thin gold chain that is buried within a mesh of perfectly trimmed chest hair. We tend stay out of their way (and they stay out of ours). Every now then we get some free ginger and wasabi. Not a bad deal.

Art Bell: “From the high desert in the great American Southwest, I’m Art Bell. We’re going to start the night by opening up the lines and I can already tell you, folks, it’s going to get very interesting. I’m getting some reports of strange lights in the sky from the Oklahoma area. Our affiliate in Oklahoma City is telling us that the state police, get this, are reporting strange lights all over the area. And that they’re having a hard time responding to all of the calls. It’s going to be a wild and wooly night tonight, folks, I just know it. Let’s go to the phones. Caller, you’re on the air with Art Bell.” This shit is pretty creepy.

Carolos De La Garza: producer, recording engineer, friend, and father to the Colourist. We recorded our first EP with De La Garza at Music Friends Studio and instantly fell in love with this stunningly handsome man. His determination and perseverance continuously push our creativity.

Gecko Gotcha Maui & Sons: Fashion is chill.

Phil Collins & Karen Carpenter vs. Peter Gabriel & Daft Punk: The 4 of us all come from different musical backgrounds and influences, which tends to make our writing sessions a very interesting experience.

Juicing: We are intrigued by interesting health habits and trends. Whether it be ginkgo biloba, kombucha, spirulina, or 5-hour energy. Currently, we seem to be wrapped up in the infamous juice diet. Allow me to share our personal favorite recipe with you: 3 pineapple spears, 1/2 peeled papaya, 1 unpeeled kiwi, and 1 mango (pit removed). Throw it all in your makechilljuice5000. Add a shot of rum, or 2, and enjoy.

Watermelon: (See above)

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