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The Very

Poetic Memory: The Very (List)

The Very

MP3: The Very – “Shattered Up Mirror”

Philip Inzunza and Alex “Lex” Pratt were tired of ’90s grunge ripoff bands, so they set out to stand out from the crowd. Continue reading…

This Time With Feeling

Poetic Memory: This Time With Feeling (List)

This Time With Feeling

MP3: This Time With Feeling – “Let’s Go”
Stream: This Time With Feeling on SoundCloud

Nobody could ever accuse This Time With Feeling of lacking warmth. Continue reading…

Bullet and Snowfox

Poetic Memory: Bullet and Snowfox (List)

MP3: Bullet and Snowfox – “One More Shot”
Stream: Bullet and Snowfox on SoundCloud

Casual Encounters ads on Craigslist don’t usually lead to membership in high energy, post-punk dance bands, but that’s exactly how L.A.’s Bullet and Snowfox got started. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Kelsea Little (List)

MP3: Kelsea Little – “Now is All We Have”
MP3: Kelsea Little – “Debacle”
Full album stream: Kelsea Little – Personal Myth

Kelsea Little was still in high school when a video of her folk trio busking in Balboa Park made Pitchfork’s Top 50 Music Videos of 2007. Continue reading…