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This Time With Feeling

Poetic Memory: This Time With Feeling (List)

This Time With Feeling

MP3: This Time With Feeling – “Let’s Go”
Stream: This Time With Feeling on SoundCloud

Nobody could ever accuse This Time With Feeling of lacking warmth. Continue reading…

Come on Pilgrim, Go See the Pixies

Photo credit: Friso Gentsch/dpa/Corbis

Setting down the path of indie rock fandom can be like deciding to learn about wine — every kernel of knowledge you acquire also reveals several things you don’t know, making every step toward enlightenment feel like two steps back. There’s a lot to wrap your ears around, and though the endless back roads and byways make every fan’s experience unique, they can also lead to a fragmented lack of community.

Nevertheless, there are certain bands that indie fans of all stripes will always have in common — ones that transcend the trends and are so undeniably great that just about everybody likes them. For an example of such a band, you need look no further than The Pixies. Continued reading…