Come on Pilgrim, Go See the Pixies

Photo credit: Friso Gentsch/dpa/Corbis

Setting down the path of indie rock fandom can be like deciding to learn about wine — every kernel of knowledge you acquire also reveals several things you don’t know, making every step toward enlightenment feel like two steps back. There’s a lot to wrap your ears around, and though the endless back roads and byways make every fan’s experience unique, they can also lead to a fragmented lack of community.

Nevertheless, there are certain bands that indie fans of all stripes will always have in common — ones that transcend the trends and are so undeniably great that just about everybody likes them. For an example of such a band, you need look no further than The Pixies.

After breaking up in 1993, the dysfunctional four-piece behind classic albums like Doolittle and Surfer Rosa spent the next decade watching its popularity grow and grow. In 2004 — to the surprise and excitement of their thriving fan base — The Pixies reunited, triumphantly headlining that year’s Coachella festival. They’ve been touring on and off ever since, but stops in San Diego have been an unfortunately rare occurrence.

But fans who have been holding their breath waiting for a visit from The Pixies can breathe a sigh of relief on September 26, when the indie legends bring their crazed surf rock to UCSD’s Rimac Arena. Tickets for the show can be purchased here, so don’t miss your chance to catch Frank Black and company in action. Anybody who’s seen The Pixies play in recent years can attest that, much like a fine wine, they only get better with age.

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