Tilly and the Wall Start a Riot

Photo credit: Jason Meintjes

Those lovable ruffians Tilly and the Wall are back with their first record in four years. The album, titled Heavy Mood, will be released October 2 via Team Love and features collaborations with Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Clark Baechle (The Faint).

If Heavy Mood‘s first single, “Love Riot,” is any indication, Tilly and the Wall are continuing their move away from the adolescent whimsy of their earlier albums in favor of the raw, raucous sound that characterized 2008’s O. The evolution makes sense — songs like “Sing Songs Along” and “Fell Down the Stairs” would sound sorely out of place in today’s music landscape (though maybe a shot of childlike wonder is exactly what the self-serious world of indie needs).

Regardless, the hard-stomping “Love Riot” sounds like a natural continuation of the scrappy “Pot Kettle Black,” and that’s fun too. You can listen to the track above, then pre-order Heavy Mood here.

Heavy Mood Tracklist:
1) “Love Riot”
2) “Heavy Mood”
3) “Baby Guns”
4) “Static Expression”
5) “Shannie”
6) “Hey Rainbow”
7) “I Believe in You”
8) “Let Go”
9) “Youth”
10) “Defenders”

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