Live Photos: The Nervous Wreckords and Maren Parusel at the Casbah, June 30, 2012

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Two local bands celebrated CD releases at the Casbah on Saturday. Headliners The Nervous Wreckords played their new album, Let Them All Talk, from beginning to end, imbuing the set with their trademark combination of sex and humor. Set highlights “Shapes of a Dove,” “Love Jammed the Radio,” and the title track had the large crowd swaying and gyrating to the catchy melodies and deep grooves.

Maren Parusel was also in fine form, delivering one of her best sets to date. It doesn’t hurt that her new album, Tightrope Walker, is a remarkable collection of infectious, finely calibrated pop. Parusel and her retooled backing band were clearly having a blast, and their fun sent a charge through songs like “Castle in the Sky,” “Toxic Love,” and “Soulmates.”

Thanks to both performances, Saturday night was a shining example of our local music scene, and proof of how intoxicating it can be to see two of San Diego’s hardest-working bands firing on all cylinders.

Photos – The Nervous Wreckords at the Casbah – June 30, 2012

Photos – Maren Parusel at the Casbah – June 30, 2012

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