Live Review: Twin Shadow at the Casbah, August 22, 2012

MP3: Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”

There is something about Twin Shadow’s live performances that make the night seems essentially endless. When George Lewis, Jr. brought his hopelessly romantic lyrics and retro-electronic beats to the Casbah for two sold out nights this past Wednesday and Thursday, that’s exactly what happened.

Poolside started off the night. The L.A. duo’s music felt exactly like their name describes: perfect for a hot summer night at the pool, full of simple electronic beats on loop with bass guitar and deep vocals somewhere in the musical cocktail. “Take Me Home”, the last song, was easily the crowd favorite and had the most musical solidarity within the lyrics and rhythm.

Twin Shadow took to the stage to an all too-familiar packed room, ready to dance. The first noticeable element to their set was the stage compliments of two crooked flat-panels TVs that broadcast various patterns throughout the hour long set. The lighting was fabulously attuned to the overall theme of each song, with one color seamlessly blending into another.

The set mixed favorites from both of the band’s albums, Forget (2010) and Confess (2012). The standalone great moment, “Five Seconds,” arrived early into the performance and sounded, from a technical standpoint, almost better than the album version. The performance left Lewis’s voice a little rough and more gritty than the recorded version. Other hits from the night included, “You Can Call Me On” and “Slow.”

“Castles In the Snow,” the single from Twin Shadow’s debut album, began the last stretch of songs for the night. It was one of the best songs of the night, if not one of the loudest. Take all the emotions contained inside a youthful summer night: love, heartbreak, friendship, uncertainty, and Twin Shadow turns that into song and a performance that feels just as similar and infinite.

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