Live Review & Photos: Buckcherry and Lit at 4th and B, September 25, 2012

Photos by Alex Matthews

Modern rockers Buckcherry and Lit played high energy shows at 4th and B last week. Riding a wave of nostalgia that has seen recent group tours like Summerland become successful, many 90’s bands have found rebirth by recording new material but also playing their favorite hits for an audience of 20-30 somethings who remember this last crop of rock bands to rise to popularity on MTV.

Lit played a set of newer material from their recent, aptly named album, “The View From The Bottom” as well as old hits like “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Miserable.” Despite their time out of the sun, the band still brings it, as evidenced by the large crowd that came out. Who can forget that Lit music video featuring a giant sized Pamela Anderson gobbling up the Lit band members? Their new music goes for the same vibe and basically succeeds. Swigging from a Jäger bottle onstage, lead singer A. Jay Popoff doesn’t seem to have changed much from the bands late 90’s heyday. No doubt he is still coming in through the window at all hours of the night.

Another band that rose to popularity in the 90’s, Buckcherry, closed out the night. This band is as crazy live as the lyrics to many of their songs. Heavily tattooed front man Josh Todd struts around the stage like a peacock on speed. Heavy hitting drummer Xavier Muriel is a sight to behold on the drums; he is truly one of the best modern rock drummers touring and it was a treat to see him play. Buckcherry, of course, played their hits like “Crazy Bitch” and led a large crowd chant on “Lit Up.”

Buckcherry is a band that had its success at nearly the same time as Lit; however, it’s interesting to see the differences in their stage performance and the heavier edge to their songs. The band is also coming out with new material soon, their album “Confessions” is set to be released in September 2012, with a short film in the works that ties into the new songs.

Photos – Buckcherry at 4th and B

Photos – Lit at 4th and B

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