MP3: Montalban Quintet – “Rolling in the Deep” (Adele cover)

MP3: Montalban Quintet – “Rolling in the Deep”

Though it may not be a household name, Montalban Quintet is comprised of some of San Diego’s major players over the years: the post punk/jazz collective includes members (past and present) of Pinback, Boilermaker, The Mattson 2, and more.

There’s also at least one bona fide musical hero in Montalban Quintet: Chris Prescott. Back in September during the San Diego Music Thing, someone stole a bass guitar belonging to Pinback’s Zach Smith. Prescott — who plays drums for both Pinback and Montalban Quintet — chased down the thief and recovered the “very rare, very expensive” bass, allowing the band to finish its set. It was good news for Zach Smith, and good news for Pinback fans in attendance.

Speaking of good news, Montalban Quintet has some new music for you. No, it’s not the collective’s anxiously awaited sophomore release, but it is a “mutated” cover of Adele’s “Rollin’ in the Deep.” Check it out above. The band will also play Bar Eleven this Wednesday, Oct 24.

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