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MP3: Montalban Quintet – “Rolling in the Deep” (Adele cover)

MP3: Montalban Quintet – “Rolling in the Deep”

Though it may not be a household name, Montalban Quintet is comprised of some of San Diego’s major players over the years: the post punk/jazz collective includes members (past and present) of Pinback, Boilermaker, The Mattson 2, and more. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Montalban Quintet (List)

MP3: Montalban Quintet – “Besa Sorta”
Full album stream: Montalban Quintet – Montalban Quintet

San Diego’s Montalban Quintet is not a quintet. And no, it’s not named after the late actor Ricardo. Continue reading…

Something to Crow About

Despite having fallen on hard times in recent years, the Ché Café remains one of San Diego’s most beloved venues.

Located on the UCSD campus, the cooperative has served as an vibrant, offbeat space for live music and art shows since 1980. A series of unfortunate events and financial hardships have threatened to extinguish the Ché Café for good, but a recent fundraiser show gave the space a much-needed stay of execution.

That’s good news for all local music fans, but especially those who haven’t reached drinking age. The Ché Café is one of San Diego’s only (good) all-ages venues, providing whippersnappers with a rare means to scratch their rock and roll itch. And with five bands lined up to play, the show scheduled for February 24 should leave plenty of underage ears ringing.

Hometown hero Rob Crow — of Pinback, Three Mile Pilot, and roughly 1000 other bands — will headline the show with his Devo/Misfits mash-up act The Devfits. Other acts will include Joey Harris, The nformals (whose penchant for lower-case either signifies an anti-capitalist sentiment or a broken shift-key), Lua, and Meraki.

The ragtag lineup will make for just the type of off-kilter show that the Ché Café excels at, so don’t miss it. Tickets are $5 and the show starts at 7:30pm.

Crow’s Landing

Rob Crow is a guy who likes to keep busy. The San Diego singer/multi-instrumentalist has been associated with almost twenty bands over the years, including Heavy Vegetable, Optiganally Yours, and the memorably named Goblin Cock. Just last week, the tireless musician’s most recent band, Devfits — a Devo/Misfits tribute band, naturally — played the Casbah with LA bizarro act JP Inc. But when Crow isn’t dabbling in one of his myriad side projects, he returns to the band everyone knows and loves him for: Pinback. Continue reading…