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Poetic Memory: Montalban Quintet (List)

MP3: Montalban Quintet – “Besa Sorta”
Full album stream: Montalban Quintet – Montalban Quintet

San Diego’s Montalban Quintet is not a quintet. And no, it’s not named after the late actor Ricardo. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: Tu Fawning (List)

Photo credit: Sara Meadows

Watching opening bands can be a bit of a gamble, but you’ll definitely want to arrive early at the Casbah on Friday, September 17. Before the feisty trio known as Menomena blows the crowd away with its sometimes bloody, always amazing act, Tu Fawning will take the stage, and you won’t want to miss it.

The Portland four-piece employs driving rhythms and delicate cacophony to create evocative, sinister moods that lie somewhere between the realms of Beach House and Portishead. It’s a smokey, intriguing combination of sounds, all tied together by Corrina Repp’s sultry vocals.

Repp was kind enough to share her Poetic Memory with us, a “smattering of records and songs” that form a cross-section of her musical influences. While you’re reading the list, you can download the free single of Tu Fawning’s “The Felt Sense” (MP3), which should whet your appetite for Friday’s show quite nicely. Click here for the Poetic Memory.

A Bloody Good Time with Menomena

Photo credit: MySpace

The last time Menomena played the Casbah, drummer Danny Seim cut his hand open on his drum set, then proceeded to wipe the blood all over his face like ghastly warpaint.

A moment like that leaves an impression, but even without it, the night would have been memorable. The quirky trio’s performances are so intense and spirited that the blood flying onstage pales in comparison to the blood rushing through the crowd’s veins. Continue reading…